Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Best ways to make money online

A few years before the internet was a very small place with  a very few people but now it in amother dimension a complete virtual world where anyone can get any sort of information.If they are so many people on the internet it certainly provides the oppurtunity to make money from that traffic using the methods in this post

 1.Affiliate marketing:It is one of the best methods to earn online.You refer people to shopping websites and earn a commision for every sale

2.Online surveys:You answer surveys  from big companies and 
they credit your account after you have completed

3.Software Designing:Learn basic languages like C++,Java and post a free ad on elance or craiglist .You will be payed per hour

4.Writing:Probally the most easiest job.Anyone with a basic english grammer and extra time could make money from thi though not so much

5.Sell items on Amazon,ebay:You can sell your old or unused itemsz on amazon and ebay.You can clear out your junk and also m,ake decent money in the process/

6.Sell your books on amazon:If you have practisd writing for a while you can write a book and put it up on amazon.You can register it for a small fee and you will make money from every sale.Make sure its good

7.Domain Agent:Like a real-Estate agent the job of  a domain agent is to buy and sell domains and recieve comission inb the process

8.Advertisisng Space:If you have a really popular website or blog then you can host ads from sponsors and make money per click

9.PPC(Paid-Per-Click):Even a baby could earn from this.All you do is view advertisments and you get fraction of a dollar for 10 seconds.At the end of the month you can make $20 with multiple accounts


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