Sunday, 13 July 2014

How to setup a customer network

If you ever want to be sucessfull in any type of buisness then you need to establish a customer network separately classifying and indexing the customer and his needs to make them like you.............

1.Records:You have already heard of the phrase old is gold your old customers are those that have already bought from you because they trust you and trust is an important factor in building life-long relationships.So keep your old customers in close

2.Ask them :Your customers have specific problems and desires that you may not know about yourself so instead of wasting your time trying to market an invaluable product or information first ask the customer that what does he want.You can do this by running polls,Surveys or seeing statistics

3.Research:Before you meet new customers you want to make sure that they remember you so first research  the customers background and when you step into that meeting you will feel more confident and powerfull

4.Change your philosophy:The #1 thing that most people do wrong is that they are aiming to rob the customer and leave them with nothing.They just want the money.They dont care about anything else.You have to change your philosophy if you are to be sucesfull in any area of your life


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