Saturday, 12 July 2014

How to make more money by time managing

How many of us wish that we can do all tasks in the same day without having to setting goals for tommorow and that tommorow never comes.The problem is not that you dont have time but the problem is you dont know how to manage it.When you manage your time everything becomes easier and it is possible by theese simple techniques.Read on---

1.Keep a wristwatch:The most oldest trick is to keep a wristwatch with you at all time.Look at it whenever you have done a task.In doing so you will remain focused

2.Plan your day:Before starting out spend about 20 minutes and plan the things you want to do and set a specific time for it.Write it down on paper.Place that paper on the wall,It helps.Trust me!

3.Motivate yourself:Whenever you are feeling tired and lazy remind yourself that the pain you go through right now will greatly change your life in the long term

4.Take a break:Our brain need time to thing.Take a break from your meetings and go out have some fun.Doing so will make you focused and active for the rest of the day

5.Do not disturb:When you are working you dont need people  to disturb you so put up a sign that says do not disturb so you know you are serious about your work

6.Be positive:Always remain positive  that you will achieve your goals.Whenever negative thoughts come in your head dont fight with them instead just ignore them


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