Saturday, 12 July 2014

How to sell your items online

do you go to a store adn shop for groceries electronics booksd and other items well now you can also buy that stuff online with a larger variety adn quality.In this post i will explain exactly how you can use the biggest marketpalces to your advantage and make decent cash and get rid of your old junk

1.ebay:One of the most popular  method of selling your stuff online.You probally know about it form all those commercials.In order to sell on ebay you have to have a paypal; account to recieve payments

2.Amazon:Amazon is not only the biggest bookstrore but there are unlimited items to browse on amazon.They provide customer reviews,zoom in pictures, and much more.

Olx:Use this if you want to meet the buyer personally in your location.Its very simple and free.All you have to do is post and ad and your ad will be available to everyone

Craiglist:Just like olx you can also post an ad on craiglist for free and sell your old items


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