Saturday, 12 July 2014

How to become an internet millionare

The internet a global village is a great oppurtunity to attract new customer and build buisneses.Even homeless people have used the internet  and became millionares.However it does take  some effort and with theese strategies you can start your first buisness and make big time cash.Read on---

1.Find a problem:First of all you have to find a problem.There are tons of probelms out there in peoples live and if you come up with a good solutioin they will reward you with it

2.Think big:If you want to make big money then start to think long-term.Before doing anything think that what efffect will this action have on my life

3.Get help:Gettin help from friends in terms of  money and advice is important but make sure that the advice you are getting is benificial and beware of competitors

4Make good investment:Nothing is possible without investment.You should start low and once your investments start paying off you make more and more!!

5.Read1!Read!!Read:Books contain all your answers.There are a billion books out there and if you want to suceed then you have to start reading them.Just make a plan to read 1 page at every meal and then increase the number.Gradually you will be reading whole books in a day

6.Make a deadline:Set deadlines on your calendar.By doing so you will remain focused and will be self disciplined


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