Saturday, 12 July 2014

How to sell your ebooks online

There are millions of book  on amazon  and to succesfully thrive in this competition you need to adopt some tricks.In this post i will reveal some of the best tricks to make your book more likeable and sell quickly Read on-----

1.write for your viewers:You  must write for the benefit of your reader not just for the money.You should chase excellence not sucess.Make it your purpose to help people

2.Pick out the right topic:Your topic should have  very little competition at first if you are a new writer.Also write about a  topic you know a lot about.Although the ideal price is between 7 to 10 dollars 

3.Set the right price:You should chose thew right price.Theese days people are experimenting with low cost ebooks to drive maximum sales.It all depends on you do you want few high buyers to buy your book or lots of  people to buy a low price one

4.Have tons of reviews:After you publish your ebook you have to have lots of reviews.Doing so will increase your ratings on listings and will drive more sales.Ask your family members and close friends to help you

5.Properly edit it:The book should have a nice layout and also a good theme with higher visual content because people read  books with more pictures .You can do this yourself or you can hire an editor to do this for you

6.Market it via social media:Tell it to your friends and ask them  to spread the word and in doing so you can have lots of buyers within a few time

7.Give free releases:Prior to publishing your ebook you should give bits of reports and information via  blog or social media and the tel your readers about your upcoming book.Doping so creates want within the reader


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