Sunday, 13 July 2014

How to control and influence epoeple

Influencing people is a skill  anyone must have if you are to be sucessfull in any buisness.It is utmost important to know the tips and tricks that can change the thinking of people and make them do what you want them to do

1.Smile:The smile is the thing we humans are most attracted too.When we smile we naturally attract people all around us

2.Mirror:By mirroring the other peoples movements you can seem more like them You dont have to be a creep.Just do some things in common.Like if someone drinks with right hand you should also

3.Admit your mistake:Whenever you are wrong admit your mistake to the other person.Doing so will not make you smaller but will convey to the other person that you care about them

4.Be genuinely interested:If you want to attract people then you should be interested in them thier likles,dislikes,hobbies e.t.c

5. Compliment them:Compliment them for their good qualities and they will reward you for it
.Tit for Tat


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