Saturday, 12 July 2014

How to spark your creativity and invent new ideas

Many of us.we want to invent new ideas and buisneses but dont know how.Dont worry.Many of the greatest thinkers the world has ever known had theese problems like Elbert Einstein,Thomas Edison.They also had mental blocks but they didnt give up and destroyed them.You can too with theese strategies./Read on---

1.Love mistakes:Most of us see mistakes as obstacles on our way to perfection but we have yet to discover that mistakes are just the feedback from our actions and they tell us whether what we did was right or wrong.In short learn from your mistakes.Dont fear them
2.Daydream a lot:Science has discovered that the more you daydream the more you open new neural connections.But dont daydream about having a great body or stuff.Think big like what would the world be like if people couldnt communicate
3.Be passionate about your subject:Lets face it.If you dont like something you are never going to get it so have a goal that is lovable and achievable at the same time
4.Trust yourself to come up with an idea:Repeat the following affirmations
  • I am super creative
  • i come up with ideas very quickly
  • I am very smart
This may sound silly but saying this makes them a reality.Try it out.You will be impressed6.Listen to good soundtracks:By soundtracks i mean without vocals like the one from batman.Voices and words involve the left brain and thus limit creativity so make sure they are not vocals
7.Meditate:Meditation has been proven to  calm the mind   so set a schedule for meditation daily usually 20 minutes a day should be enough


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